Parks features

Kokkola Industrial Park has a land plot of 50 hectares planned for the heavy chemical industry. In addition, the Park's service organizations provide companies with a comprehensive range of commodities and services including sewage networks, pipe bridges, railways, professional fire brigade and security. The third largest general port of the country, the Port of Kokkola, has currently a 14 meters’ deep channel in the immediate vicinity of the Industrial Park. 


KIP has a wide range of commodities available for industry: sea water, surface water, drinking water, deionized water, ammonia, argon, oxygen, steam, lime, district heating, compressed air, heavy fuel oil, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitrogen, hydrogen, and secure electricity supply.


At KIP everything is already well-prepared: good roads, business premises, land plots planned for the industry, pipe bridges, fiber connections, sewerage. Safe, completed and functional!


KIP’s location is excellent. Kokkola is located by the main road and the rail network goes directly to the core of the Industrial Park. Railway gauge is the same until Chinese border. Kokkola is a city where highways intersect and the airport is only 15 minutes away, with direct flights to Helsinki. Logistic excellence is underlined by a well-equipped port with All Weather Terminal (AWT), deep-water channel as well as regular container traffic connection to Europe.


The company located in the Park can find all the necessary services from KIP. The new operator can acquire both land plot and business premises, commodities, professionals and partners in the management of statutory safety and environmental issues, training, maintenance, and transportation services. A strong cooperation network guarantees a complete service.


All services provided within KIP’s area are customized according to the company’s requirements. It is easy to choose what is needed from a full range of packages.

Safety and environment

One of KIP’s main asset is a strong cooperation between companies in the Park in security and environmental matters. Cooperation is carried out extensively, among others, in access control, security, and other safety services, fire and rescue tasks as well as in statutory environmental inspections and other tracking systems that a new company can join effortlessly. Cost-effective cooperation facilitates both the operations of the companies functioning in the area and the placement of new players.


Thanks to different training paths, it is possible to train the workforce for companies in Kokkola, e.g. in the chemical industry from professional level experts to doctor level specialists. The education system responds flexibly and quickly to the training needs of the workforce. In addition to chemical and process engineering, educational organizations train, among others, the logistics, IT and trade sector experts. The labor force of the Park is skilled and committed, 25% of Industrial Park’s employees have a higher education degree.

The Industrial Park carries out close R&D cooperation with regional education and research organizations. Strong and effective cooperation network guarantees good results!


KIP’s companies have been providing jobs and sources of livelihood for over five decades. There are new challenges and opportunities ahead, waiting to be discovered and accomplished. Retirement has been very strong in the Park in recent years, and the same trend continues. In the coming years, KIP will need hundreds of new, competent, motivated and skilled employees. New workforce is needed both in the offices and production.

Are you one of them, the future makers?

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